Creating A Startup Business?

The Charlottesville Technology Incubator provides mentoring, business connections and office space - right at the heart of Charlottesville’s downtown mall.

Quick Fact

Participating in an incubation program may increase a business’s chance of survival to 87% after the first 5 years compared to a 44% survival rate among other startup businesses.

The Benefits Of Our Incubator Program


Leverage regional industry and functional domain experts and community resources, who will:

  • Challenge and refine your vision, strategy and roadmap
  • Advise on critical but esoteric functions such as accounting and legal


Tap into our established regional network of business partners and community resources to:

  • Get immediate market feedback or further investment capital
  • Socialize with peer entrepreneurs, building relationships for future business dealings

Work Space

Jump-start your company by being in the right place at the right time:

  • Prominently located on the Cville Downtown Mall amidst 150 other businesses
  • Including a conference room and ready-to-go desks with monitors and phones

Past Clients

About CTI

The Charlottesville Technology Incubator, launched in 2009 on the downtown mall, strives to serve as a dynamic hub between technology start-ups and the sources of investment capital, intellectual currency, and community resources needed to mentor and accelerate their commercial development.

By utilizing our regional resources, CTI builds beneficial relationships for both the technology start-up and the individuals and organizations that help them grow. These relationships are the building blocks for future business dealings as the start-ups mature.

It is our goal not to serve primarily as a source of office space but rather be a conduit to industry, business, IP, and startup knowledge that enables entrepreneurs to better position themselves for success. As start-ups mature and graduate out of the incubator they will add value to the local economy by providing jobs for staff, young professionals and senior managers alike.

CTI is a member of the Virginia Business Incubation Association and the National Business Incubation Association.

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